Crafted for contemporary palates and intrepid personalities. VĪ Aquavit is a new world aquavit, created for a new generation of consumers, enthusiasts and industry professionals.


We are a team of Norwegians and Americans, working together, unified in vision and purpose. To revisit and reimagine the iconic nordic spirit, Aquavit, using only ingredients that come from our sacred land.

Inspired by the tradition of our nordic ancestors, we journeyed to our past, tocreate a spirit for our future. A New-World Aquavit. One that is fresh and approachable. One that is clean, complex and balanced and embodies our nordic heritage and the land we hail from.

Aquavit reimagined

Perfectly Balanced. Superlatively Elegant. Undoubtedly Scandinavian.

Our Process

We start with caraway and build around it, using only ingredients found on our farm distillery and neighboring lands here in middle Norway.


Every bottle of VĪ Aquavit is crafted using a single-distillate process. This intricate method requires us to distill each botanical separately, creating a single distillate for every botanical. This method is laborious, but it provides the ultimate control on how and when we blend.


The result is a fresh, floral, clean and complex spirit, deserving of its Latin name, Aquavit, “Water of Life”.



Known as the “Viking Vitamin”, Sea Buckthorn is chalked full of nutrients and antioxidants. Sea Buckthorn thrives in the wild in areas like against the unforgiving Norwegian coastline and in the mountains, where it doesn’t compete with other plant species.

Sea Buckthorn was a staple in Viking diet and has been used in
traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicines for over 2,000 years.
lt has 4X the vitamin C of an orange and is the only plant on the planet that contains all 4 Omega Fatty Acids.


The most prized berries in Europe, Cloudberries are lush and loaded with antioxidant. Unable to be farmed, these precious Arctic berries grow wild around the arctic circle. They grow in bogs and arctic marshes and therefore, must be foraged.

They are so rare and sought after, their growing locations are often kept secret and passed on from generation to generation.

Cloudberries contain a sweet and tart juice that adds a soft, floral elegance to VĪ Aquavit.

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